Acknowledging Fatherhood

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I know – it sounds simple but in the same time, complex. But this is something that we must have in our hearts – acknowledging fatherhood.

I guess most of us realize that without our father, there is no way that we are here unless God wills to do so. And a father’s role is not just being a father. He have to give us love and protect us in our life.

And now it is our turn – their sons and daughters – to acknowledge the fatherhood.

“Yes, I love my father!” but that is not enough. Acknowledging fatherhood means you have to understand how important a father is, his role and position within family and the community. By understanding this, you will appreciate your father’s existence in your life and appreciating them is not just “I love you” or “I will hear your advice” but how you react to them and support them in your life.

They cared for us until this day and it’s now our time to do the same for them.

Happy Fathers’ Day 2011!

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