About Me

Hi! Nasrul’s here. Born on 23rd October 1988 in Miri, Sarawak. Lived childhood at the north peninsular of M’sia before furthered study at DQ, CFS-IIUM PJ, and then IIUM Gombak. Got my degree in Urban Planning. However my passion goes more to properties & real estate.. got my Certificate of Estate Agency (CEA) from Institut Penilaian Negara (INSPEN).

Got married with a lovely lady. And now we have a cute baby =)


Extra-passion: Reading & Writing

About AloneinHome.com

AloneinHome.com is my personal blog and a place for me to write and express about anything – from what I feel to current events.. I don’t know, it depends.

Anyway, it also defines me – I’m a person who always feel alone although i’m in a crowd. Maybe it’s just a natural feeling cos i’m the only child that my parents have. Somehow we don’t realize that our feelings and experiences can motivate other people – and it is a good thing to share it with others.

Before this I’m using the tagline “I’m alone. Accompany me.”.. yeah.. it’s time to move on.. now “Live to The Fullest”!