A Second Thought


The previous round had ended. The new round is just about the corner. And there’s a lot of matter to be think about. Past matters. Previous stories. Current condition. Future planning. Gosh. A lot.

And that’s why I need a second thought.

A second thought. Yes, a second thought.

Normally I just let myself do what I feel to do. First plan first serve. Sometimes I’m lucky to survive. And sometimes I ruined myself on my own path. On my own way. In my own world. Against my own will.

I have to change the method. I need a second thought.

Any plan should be revised twice. And it must be made relevant. My biggest mistake is I’m always not being relevant instead planning and thinking beyond logic and reality. Yes, I love to dream, think and imagine but it seems that sometimes it slowly kills me form the inside. The first thought creates. The second thought revises it and makes it better.

It is obvious that sometimes I lost my way and I can see that. I don’t know whether I have to feel satisfy or disappointed because I know I always put my effort and trying. So I guess that the best solution is by adding a second thought.

As one my friend said, there’s always a next time.

This time it’s gonna be different.

Come on!

Credits for ftniresearch.com for the nice pic.

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