A New Lifestyle?


with books in library

there’s a lot of things in this world, as you can see.

some of those things make us happy – some of them not. some of them just happen in a sec, and some of them change our life.

talk about life, yea. i got a new life.

so what?

change yourself. change your lifestyle

what?? :confused:

obviously, i think myself currently in a transforming process and who knows – maybe in the future, i’m not the person who typing this entry now.

well, i don’t like it :silent:

it’s an easy word to say such a word “change” but you know, it sometimes cost your life.

i know – i’m a childish and stubborn guy, sometimes don’t give my full attention or aware of the serious matters, like joking :clown: and playing around, flirting with girls, always day-dreaming :daydream: , seldom thinking wisely and bla, bla, bla..

well.. the criteria above is bad.. hu..

it’s true – i’m now having a busier life, a smarter dressing style, involved with a lot of books.. not a bookworm yet :nerd: (uhu), have to train my heart to be as hard as stone (during presentation.. no people knows what type of words will they got from the supervisors.. i still feeling half-scary of that)

but that never means i have to change my life – NEVER!

i just have to be more hardworking, give a 100% concentration, and put my heart to love the working zone. yea, URP’s students are trained to be in the working condition, so the supervisors will endow us with the technics as well as softskills, and at the same time, treating us with some-pressuring manner :tension: (uh.. i feel scary when writing this)

anyway, lecturers are doing their job and we need the skills – and for me, they do the right thing.

well, nobody wants to be in deep s**t trouble. so just follow it. no argue :shhhh:

i also want to be professionals like syam, he’d taught me a lot of things through his impressive posts. and i read a lot of stories about successful people, sincerely i want to be like them. i prefer motivating myself, but not to make a change. uh.

an environment can change a person. and i agree with it.

i myself might slowly changed, but i’m not the one who forcing myself to change. it better happens naturally.

am i absurd? uhuh. i don’t know. but that’s the way i prefer to think and live.

yea, cos i hate hypocrisy :alien2:

i forced myself to be ‘another person’ when i was in secondary school, but you know, it really really made me regret until today.

uh. i’m goin’ worst. maybe i need someone to give me advice :talktohand:

well, that’s it.

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That’s not just logic. That’s really sensible.



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Thank you for the entry. I just about passed your website up in Yahoo but now I’m glad I checked it out and got to go by means of it. I’m certainly a tiny much better knowledgeable now. I am aware really a few people which will need to verify it out. They’ll for sure delight in the heck out of what I just read too.



stefano terug komt zijn ze nog niet compleet!!!Marcus de broer van Ludo hebben we ook nog!!Janine heeft ook bnog een jongern zusje (gaan Sanders maar wel familie!!)


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