A Moment of Regret?



It’s a long time. Yep, a long time.

And I really have to blame myself for this

Is it a moment of regret?

It’s like I left all my blogs dead. And yes, I feel regret for it. I can’t blame the walking time. I can’t blame the pressuring works. The one that I wanna blame right now is ~ myself. I keep procrastinating all the works until the last minute. Blogging? Gosh. A lot of things to write. But I kill the spirit of writing with my damn laziness.

I really hate this. The bad habit in me.

Anyway, instead of being lazy updating the blogs, I still Facebooking as my daily habit. Yup, I’m addicted to FB. Gosh.

There’s lot of things happened lately. OK, I’m listing it.

  • My dad been admitted into ward. Metro Specialist Centre. “Batu karang”. So painful, he said. Dad, I hope you get well soon.
  • Got engaged. I feel it’s better than just being friends =)
  • Had presented the final presentation. Alhamdulillah, not bad at all.

I need to bring myself back on track. Yep, it’s a moment of regret but the thing that doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. The subjects is quite hard and the final exam is around the corner so I have to try my best.

23rd October 2009 is my birthday. Happy Belated Birthday, Alone =)

* I’m trying to update more frequently. I’ll try. InsyaAllah =p

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