A Learning Process


Presentation day. uh.

Sometimes you have to prepare yourself for something important, or you’re dead meat.

Today.. er.. yesterday (cos it’s already near 3 a.m) was the presentation day for Project 1. It’s the 1st presentation for studio-life in Gombak and like usual, I feel nervous when I do something new 😮

Well, it was a half-horrible day :sighing:

in addition, i got a bit headache and it’s so cold (i hoped someone could switch off the aircond) uh, i can’t stand that, but i don’t feel going to the restroom at that time.

sheesh. i gonna puke :sick:

one of our teammate can’t attend the presentation. huh. no comment 🙄


*above is napi and imah*

there were 9 groups. and i was in group 7. it’s such a long time for a group to present (plus the time for the supervisors to give  their comments :talktohand: ) hu. no choice. we have to wait.

and finally, it’s our turn to present. well, i did my so amateur introduction and the best damn thing is – everyone was laughing at me 😆 uh. s**t. again, no choice 🙁 i just have to present my points.

i don’t know whether it’s cold or i was still nervous, but my verbal presenting was bad 😐 . everyone continued laughing. ah, let them laugh. but at that time, i remembered what syam had taught me in his comment. his second point – change the intonation. speak louder. so i did it :peace: and although my grammar is not good enough a.k.a manglish, i felt satisfied with that ‘intonation’ 😉

and yeah, our power point had been criticized, SJ said it was like the school kiddo’s presentation. yeah, i admit it. have to improve it and make some add-ons.

maybe i, napi, imah, and alia will not in a team again. we might be reshuffled with the others. SJ will makes his decision based on Project 2. uh. no comment. i can’t say anything cos i myself just not good enough in doing works.

it’s life. and i’m so tired :tired:

but life’s going on, isn’t it? if you’re so lazy to do anything, it’s better to stay in the grave.

everybody prefers to get more and more in this temporarily life :daydream: . even a rubber tapper wants more latex everyday.

well, it’s time to change. i have to improve myself. duh. well, for the sake of my future.

maybe i’m not the best, but at least i do something meaningful in my life.

i have to read more and at the same time do a lot of practice. hu :sweating:

yeah, maybe i’ll try to approach zayyan, kim and er.. what’s her name..? oh yea, nelza. they’re good in english as well as presenting.

oh yea, maybe i need to practice speaking in front of the mirror. uh :isk:

no choice. just do it. and for me, it’s normal to do mistakes (sometimes).

a learning process. hm. i accept it.

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