A Different Weekend


Fingers meet the keyboard again.

And Alhamdulillah, I’m feeling better at this moment.

I’m just went back to my room and cleaned up all the messy things.

oh yeah.. i got an award a few days before :

This award was given by kak shila. Thanks kak! 😉

back to the point.

why i said that this is a different weekend?

because my mom and dad come to visit me at KL 🙂

they came to settle some business and i feel very excited since i was.. missing them so much. uhu :blush:

it’s like putting a puzzle on the right place. i was so frustrated about myself and suffering the pain – and they come – (i felt) some parts of my frustration and pain were seeping out from my soul.

i went to the clinic and the doc said there’s nothing wrong. Alhamdulillah. Thanks God. and he gave me vitamins and some medicine to stop the pain.

and yeah.. my mom and dad really want me to study in a comfortable condition, so they had packed me with some equipments:

A Bicycle

gosh. i forgot to take photograph of my new bicycle. most of the students use motorbikes here but i prefer to use bicycle because i don’t have a motor license (i only have car license) and i don’t want to think much about the oil and repairing matters – i just need something that can make me arrive faster at the class. yeah.. it’s a mountain bike – some place in iium is hilly. i gonna kill myself if there is no gears.

RM500+ —-> using maktih’s friend’s staffcard —-> RM300+

New Spectacles

i stopped wearing spectacles for almost a year and my mom suggested i wear them back – because she thinks the headache was came from my daily works – seeing the surroundings (the notes, the white board, the PC screen, etc) without spectacles. so.. ok. i buy a new spectacles at the optic shop in Giant. bolder frame (maybe i’ll looks like someone) and they made it in less than half a hour! omg. so fast.


A Printer+Scanner+Copier

tada!! my new printer. it’s not just a printer, it’s a combination of printer, scanner and copier. bought it at the courts mammoth, also at Giant. well, just to make my tasks and study matters easier. this printer is for my personal tasks but i can consider if anybody is in emergency case and need to print their documents, but i have to put the charges because the printer comes from my parents’ wages – it’s supposedly for my study – and i think it’s not fair to them if i offer free printing service to the others.

RM500+ —-> sale discount —-> RM200+

and i do extra shopping for myself – the stationary, etc2.

Additional: some pictures of my dad having a relaxing time with the small fish (uh.. i dunno the scientific name of the fish)

ahak. yucks! but my dad told me that he feels his feet cleaner than before. hehe. i dunno. i didn’t try it. you also can try if you want. giant s.a i think.. rm10 for 15 minutes and rm18 for 30 minutes. and you’ll feel ur feet is more cleaner – the fish will eat the dead cells and will make ur feet skin smoother (as my dad said)

and then we shared the Snack Plate at KFC because we only felt a little hungry. ehe.

mom, dad, i love you :love: – not for the equipments you bought for me, but the love and courage that you’d gave to me. again, i love you.

yeah, this weekend is different.

and tomorrow – is another weekend.

man, i love this weekend :love:

tomorrow i and my studio-mates will go to bukit cerakah, shah alam for site analysis. i have also bought a cap to prevent my head from the heat. i don’t want to suffer for the fever again. but what i gonna do if it’s rain tomorrow? uhu. tawakkal alallah.

p.s : yeah. forgot to mention, a new curtain and a new mat for my room. yeha 😛

p.p.s : thanks to friends who leave your comments for my previous post. i appreciate all of you. and thanks a lot. thanks. thanks. and thanks.

p.p.p.s : i believe sometimes blogging revealed our true color.

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