5 Things From PES2010 That Motivate Me



I had posted about how extremely I love PES2009 and why I love it so much.

The current version is PES2010 and to yes, I love this version too. A lot of improvement with better features.

This game somehow motivates me and I had concluded 5 main things from PES2010 that motivate me. Check it out!

1. Goal

The first thing is the goal. The main objective for any football game is to win the match.It’s same with our life. It has a goal and objective. Why we live and whatever we do, there must be a goal or objective that we want to achieve. In football match, the position of the goal is obvious and visible so you know know which direction you will lead your players. The same thing goes to our life. We have to make it visible so we know where we are heading to and what we have to do.

2. Effort

An obvious fact is – no effort, no goal. You have to put your effort in order to attack the opponent and score goals except you put the Coach mode (Automatic). In our life, we need to put our effort in order to achieve. The people around us – family and friends can support us but we are the one who need to put our effort to achieve the goals in our life.

3. Strategy

Putting effort until the maximum level is not a guarantee for a team to win the match. You need strategy to win. Sometimes we have to play defensive and sometimes offensive based on the condition. Nice tactics are crucial to defeat the opponent because they also have strategies to win. Same with our life, we need strategies in order to success and survive. Strategies help us to manage ourselves and prepare ourselves for the future thus we need to plan and manage our life according to what had been planned. And yes, we have to seek advice as a team needs advices from the coach.

4. Cooperation

Can you imagine one player from Team A versus 11 players from Team B? Or the players in a team is cannot be controlled by you? For sure, they will be more than getting lost in the match. And the same thing goes to our life. We need cooperation because being alone is not enough to win and achieve. Find your family, partners and groups, get understand to each other, and together achieve success in life.

5. Emotion

To be honest, most of the time I become emotional while playing this game. Why? Because I want to feel the game. Emotion is so important especially when you’re left behind by the opponent. That is where we have to control our emotion to control the team. If not, we might do mistake such as getting card for doing foul to the opponent or losing more goals because fail to control our emotion.

Yes, PES2010 is just a game but I believe the same thing goes to the real football match. I play this game while taking a break while doing works or study and these are the things that motivate me. I believe that other games might have their own lessons and motivational elements too.

And yeah, PES had improved a lot! šŸ˜›

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