The 5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Get Cloud Computing

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For people that are running a small business, you would probably be worrying about your capability to compete with those bigger rivals that you have.

The idea of having the same access to the technological resources just like the larger corporations may not be clear to you yet. Taking advantage of cloud computing however will let you play on a level field. This is because cloud computing offers a revolutionary concept that is new to people, giving them access to high tech systems at a lower cost than other solutions.

With cloud computing, this system takes advantage of the high speed Internet connection that your home has in order to outsource the computing resources that you have. This will allow you to utilize powerful computer services without the need and stress of purchasing and setting up expensive servers and workstations. For small businesses, here are the top 5 reasons why people should go for them.

Security and Safety for Data

Uncontested backup performance can be obtained when it comes to cloud computing. Aside from being able to archive old data, the cloud-based solutions for backup will allow users to have their own backup for real-time purposes.

For businesses that have this kind of system working for them, business owners will never have to lose all of their documents in case of a sudden emergency situation such as fires or natural disasters. The data of the users will be protected from hackers as well; letting you avoid the stress of being vulnerable to server attacks.

Access Data Remotely

With a reliable Internet connection, the cloud-based tools and software data can be accessed by users within any computer wherever they are located. For business owners that are sending their employees out on an assignment, they will still be able to have access to business resources as well as services while they are traveling.

It is also possible for people to take advantage of this kind of feature in order to set up their telecommuting opportunities. For people that will have to relocate their own offices due to a disaster such as floods or storms, everyone in the company will still have access to their data in a temporary place.

Costs Are Lowered

People can never invest enough when it comes to technology; after purchasing a brand new server, you will find out a few months later that an even better version just came out. Being updated with the latest hardware and software will drain the resources of your company fast.

Cloud computing on the other hand spreads this type of cost amongst a lot of businesses; the monthly fee of the company is going to stay the same while the provider will upgrade their hardware and software continuously for you. So instead of making a lot of large investments on these brand new workstations and servers, you will be able to save on your hard-earned income.

Deployment is Easy

The cloud solutions this technology offers will allow users to open new locations easily and quickly. Since these cloud solutions are implemented and stored at a remote distance, business owners can just open a new office by having an Internet connection. Time wasted on installing software, configuring devices and transferring data will not happen again.

As an extra, cloud computing will allow upgrades on the existing services to be easy and simple. No need for the IT department to be sent in order to upgrade each of the workstations individually. The upgrades will be applied to the centralized cloud servers instead and this will grant all of the workstations access to the upgraded services.

Long Term Scalability and Flexibility

With cloud computing, you will be able to make use of your computing resources that your business requires. Most of the providers today will offer a wide range of plans that are customized in order to fit the needs of just about any type of company. Users will not have to install their own software and hardware which they do not need by just accessing services that they do.

For businesses that require sudden changes to be made, the cloud computing technology will make it easier for people to upgrade their services. Making a simple phone call will be enough in order to increase the service level of the company and grant better storage and services as well. If the needs of the company will change once again and that you find that you no longer require a more powerful plan, you can just drop the present plan for a leaner coverage.

Cloud computing nowadays will allow companies to make use of cutting-edge information tools without having to pay an expensive overhead. There are many firms today that offer cloud computing services that will give businesses the flexibility that they need.

Aside from that, cloud computing will also provide high speed and wireless Internet users the security for a stress-free technological solution. Wireless internet is fairly convenient away from the home, and now users can sign up for their own prepaid wireless internet with contracts or other obligations.

Contributed by Norris Lemuel Lasay.

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Dear Michel,than you very much for this blog,really it shows that you know our country,I am a CS sunedtt in one of our local Universities and next year am presenting my final year project and not long ago(three months)I happen to get very interested by Cloud Computing and decided my project will be on CC,I would like to ask your email as a favor so that we could communicate because it seems very vast as subject and narrowing it is becoming really a challenge,and who knows if you even accept to be my Co-Director,in Kinyarwanda there is a proverb “ntawiyima afite umwima”,translating in “Never refuse yourself to ask,leave this task to the one you will ask”,God bless Rwanda’s lovers


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