3 Movies That I Watch Again and Again


To be honest, I’m a movie lover and sometimes I think it’s suitable to define myself as a movie enthusiast. I believe some people watched a lot of movies until this sec and I’m one of them. I watch anime episodes such as Bleach, One Piece and Fairy Tail every week (of course, because new episode is being released every week) but watching movies is somehow different as some movies might reflect the things happen in our lives and deliver great meanings.

A good movie for me has a visible and hidden meaning where sometimes hidden meaning only can be revealed through further reading about the movie (I often do this after watching particular movie) or after watching the movie again and again. I got 3 movies that I watch again and again which are Shooter, The Surrogates and Orphan.


Shooter starred by Mark Wahlberg as Bob Lee Swagger, a former military & sharp-shooter who had been tricked by one of the government agencies in order to eliminate the former members of the squad. I love the plot of this story – surprising and dramatic! I wonder how a home area can be place for battle. Cool!

The Surrogates

I love the concept applied in The Surrogates where all people staying in home relax on their stim chairs while controlling their surrogates to live their lives out there. And I also love the meaning behind the story (which I guess) telling about how technology affects our human lives nowadays but in bigger scale. Yes, we are currently relying on technology to live, communicate, making money and etc. but somehow The Surrogates shows us how technology somehow can kill the humanity. Not so surprising but it’s real and amazing.


Orphan is the latest movie that came into my list to be watched again and again. It’s very surprising as you cannot guess the ending and what really happen in the story. Family matters and love morality also being shown in this movie. And yes, the plot and hidden mystery behind the existence of Esther is very interesting although it is somehow terrifying. Two thumbs up! =)

I often do further reading about the movies after finish watching them at IMDb.com where you can read all the spoilers, plots, characters, real environment, the concept, inspirations and also spoilers! (Note: It is more interesting to read further information about the movie after you finish watching it)

How about you? Do you have any movie that you watch again and again? You are welcomed to share them here =p

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