May 2010

Hi fellas.

I’d started a new blog focusing on tips for guest posting at

Guest posting is an effective method in increasing your blog performance including traffic and backlinks which are important elements in determining your blog’s performance. So I decided in starting a blog focusing on guest posting where it will includes tips for both guest writers and webmasters on guest posting.
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I had just finished my teaching-time as the responsible teacher came back from her maternity leave. Being a substitute teacher is amazing as I got a lot of valuable experiences and memorable moments. And now I realize that being a teacher is not an easy responsibility. A teacher must feel what is inside his/her student’s heart and mind.

36 days as a teacher in a primary school. A great time for me.

There is only one thing I questioned myself while in school – why separation class system is practiced in primary schools?
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Getting success and failure are normal things in life. Believe it or not, we are facing these success and failure in every single activity in our daily life – the difference is how big or small or important it is.

It is a common sense that we love success and hate failure. Success makes us happy while failure makes us sad. Success always means win while failure means lose. However in some cases the interpretation is different where some people regards differently than normal.

Sometimes we have to face the failure and in life we cannot avoid this no matter whether you are in sports, working life, study or other fields.

Let’s see 5 useful tips for facing the failure.
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Some people love to stay at wherever they currently be but that’s not me. I love to try something new – something out of my field.

We have a lot of things to do and I still remember what one my friends said, “Do until we die!”

Well, sometimes the cause is unexpected and that happened to me. I just wondered mentioned about doing a ‘real business’ and then one of my friends, a developer contacted me and offered to setup an online shop with a nice price. Really cheap plus the normal service is already cheap.
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