April 2010

I always imagined business as playing game where you need the ‘real’ elements there.

Yes, I love business or frankly say – I love making money. Some people love money too much when some love it as it is. We need it so we have to find it. OK, stop there. Back to the topic – I love making money.
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bn wins at hulu selangor
Congratulations. The next thing is to serve.

I followed the recent Hulu Selangor by-election updates through the Internet – as someone who eager to know new updates and interesting moments out there.

And yes, as had been expected and as usual, election always shows interesting updates and news together with some shocking elements and weird talks.
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Sitting in office is amazing where you can consume a lot of typing sounds.

I changed the theme for AloneinHome again but this time I choose the concept of minimalist and simplicity (although I cannot elaborate further on these two terms).

I feel that I am too eager to put everything in my site with colorful pictures and receive various comments, shouts and pingback but in the end of the day they are seem so meaningless as I still let myself distracted from the real focus – the content.
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Do you ever dreamed of improving yourself in various aspects and skills?

Now let’s make your dream becomes true with Myers Briggs course.

With Myers Briggs, you will be fascinated to be coached and trained by fabulous team of like-minded associate coaches and trainers from a variety of walks of life. In fact, thousands of people in more than 10 countries, across 4 continents had went through the training.
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Yes. Obviously. Absolutely.

Life is full of tests. And we can see a variety of them everyday – happen to ourselves and the others.

Some people cry and depressed. Some people calling for help. And some people stand and keep fighting.

It is about facing the tests.

I feel shocked and sad at the same time after knowing about my ex-classmate who had been diagnosed with Complex Partial Seizures a few weeks ago. It was in her Facebook’s wall post and yes, it is sometimes to sad to believe but as I always keep in mind – life is going on.
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