February 2010

I love watching soccer match and often searching for related latest updates on the Internet and I found this interesting event – Standard Chartered’s Little Champions. So what is so interesting about it? For your information, from now till end of March 2010, SCB MasterCard credit cardholders stand the chance to win the “SCB Little Champions” prize for the Knock-out Match, Semi Finals and the Finals in Madrid. Cool!

Yes, this is a good news where children in Asia have the chance to get once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for to be the escorts to world-class soccer players at the 2009/2010 UEFA Champions League matches. Most of us know that UEFA matches are being watched by people all around the world so this is a rare chance in a lifetime for the children to participate in the event. 24 selected children from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE and Korea will have the chance to be player escorts at AC Milan Vs Marseille match in Milan and Manchester FC Vs Bersiktas JK match in Manchester. This event will be an amazing experience for them.
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To be honest, I’m a movie lover and sometimes I think it’s suitable to define myself as a movie enthusiast. I believe some people watched a lot of movies until this sec and I’m one of them. I watch anime episodes such as Bleach, One Piece and Fairy Tail every week (of course, because new episode is being released every week) but watching movies is somehow different as some movies might reflect the things happen in our lives and deliver great meanings.

A good movie for me has a visible and hidden meaning where sometimes hidden meaning only can be revealed through further reading about the movie (I often do this after watching particular movie) or after watching the movie again and again. I got 3 movies that I watch again and again which are Shooter, The Surrogates and Orphan.
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Life is going on but currently I got problem with myself. I’m losing my focus.

It’s not same like before and I really miss my old time and feeling like I want to go back and enjoy it. I love being kids when there is no any annoying problem burdening me and make me in pain. But unfortunately that thing is not going to happen and the only thing that I can do is looking forward.

OMG. This is hard.
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Enjoying PC Games is one my hobby especially when it is holiday where I have a lot of time to feel and experience the game at home. I believe some of you have the same interest with me too. However searching for PC Games sometimes tedious and consumes a lot of time where you we have to go out shopping and to make the situation worst, the hottest game that we are looking for had been sold out!

That’s why we have to find the way of making it a lot more easier – buying them online. Hey, is it a lot more relaxing and comfortable when you can buy Burning Crusade from your home?
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I guess some of you have watched the movie Orphan which had been released in 2009. This interesting film is starred by Isabelle Fuhrman (an amazing factor for me) and other actors which are playing their role effectively in the film. To be honest, I feel a bit regret to ignore this amazing film since the first time I knew about it.

The movie Orphan tells about the story of Kate (Vera Farmiga) and John Coleman (Peter Sarsgaard) who are experiencing problems in their marriage after Kate’s third child, named “Jessica” was died before she was born. The loss of the baby gives hard time on Kate, who is still recovering from a drinking habit. They then adopt Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman), a 9 years old Russian girl who they had met at the local orphanage. The story also includes their son Daniel (Jimmy Bennett) and the little daughter Max (Aryana Engineer).
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