December 2009

Yes, time always moves and never going back. That’s a fact. Most of us know about it but somehow we sometimes never realize that time could go faster if we never think about chasing and keep catching it.

The sort of works and tasks is increasing from time to time as well as the responsibilities and needs. There is a lot of jobs to do and in fact we got task for every seconds that we have. Sometimes we might keep saying “I have no enough time” or “I have no time for this” when doing certain tasks. So what should we do?

My answer is – make one.
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I was shocked to read an article on the Internet telling that Eminem had died in a car crash. Well, another celebrity gone, I said. But then when I did a search to know more about his death, I realized that it’s just a hoax.

Sincerely I still cannot guess what is the real intention of these people who spreading the hoaxes on the Internet. Is it for traffic? Or to ruin someone’s reputation? Or it’s just a hobby to trick people and fans? Sometimes I feel these hoaxes are really disgusting. The moment before you’re shocked when reading the news, and now you feel angry or maybe laughing at yourself as you realized that you had been tricked.
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I love to watch the ads promoting milk for kids showing how the milk could help the kids to give more focus & attention while learning in class. Some kids are sleeping, eating and some of them try harder to focus but cannot give attention at all. I forgot which company sponsors the ads but I love to see the light bulb “ATTENTION” on the kids’ heads. And every time I watch this ads, I laughed myself. Hey, is it the fact that older person also have the same problem? That question brings me to write about this post – giving focus & attention.

There are a lot of things in our mind everyday and all these things are mixed up in our daily life. Daily activities, study, assignment, class, coursework and etc. sometimes give us headache. Sometimes I have to ask myself – which one should I do first? It is a normal thing as we human got a lot of responsibilities as we are growing older. And as the solution, I try to suggest an answer, at least for myself that is – giving focus & attention.
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There are a lot of small small things in the world those could bring a great massive effect. It’s like a small bullet goes straight through into a tiny part into the head and then the other parts of the body will also die.

I love to read political news and issues and sometimes I thought it’s really funny. Rumors, hot issues and weird sayings are somewhat similar to a thing that we consider as ‘politics’ nowadays. But we do have to concern that politics is a crucial element in life. We need politics to survive in one nation, instead of being used and hunted by a lot of hands behind the smiling faces.

Maybe some of us didn’t know or even don’t want to know about the Budget 2010 incident in a few days ago, but believe me, it’s a serious matter that we have to know and think about it.
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Glad. Proud. Happy. I don’t know what to say. But it’s happened and it’s a glorious moment not only for the Malaysian football team, but also for all Malaysian who support football or not.

King Raja’s boys finally end 20-year gold drought

MALAYSIA finally ended their 20-year gold drought in the SEA Games men’s football competition when they defeated Viet-nam 1-0 in the final at the Main Stadium of the National Sports Complex in Vientiane yesterday.

The national Under-23 boys, who came as non-medal prospects under Category B, pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the Games to win the gold medal – Malaysia’s 40th in the Laos SEA Games.

An own goal by Vietnam’s Mai Xuan Hop in the 85th minute was enough to seal victory for the gritty Malaysian side, who came alive in the second-half.”
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