August 2009


Ramadhan comes again. And I could feel that I’m entering a new ‘phase’.

And plus, we’re just completed the technical report.

So what?
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Just got back from KAED.

Art Fusion Performance was awesome!

Check it out!
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This gonna be a simple post.

Wanna get an iPhone? Ok. Just follow these few steps.

1. Fill in the form at iLoveMalaysia Campaign >> CLICK HERE.

* At referrer’s email – write impiana23[at] there.

* Note: [at] is ‘@’

2. You will receive few instructions such as putting the code into your blog.

3. Follow all the instructions given and you’re DONE! =)

This is the most easiest competition I’d ever seen so let’s grab this chance! The winner will be chosen randomly and maybe one of you (and me) could be the winner! Oh yeah!

I love Malaysia!!!


While waiting for myself to sleep, I was thinking about various issues especially what I’d read through media. And then I came to a topic – early marriage. Oho. I guess most of you understand this term.

There are a lot of interpretation of the term ‘early marriage’. Let’s just assume one definition for this post – marriage under 25 years old.

Early marriage – what do you think?

Feel free to leave your vote through the poll and I love to see your comments below =)

p.s: This survey will end on 17th August 2009


It’s a long time ago since I mentioned about jewelry.

I came across to a site that offers awesome hip hop jewelry so I want to  share it with all of you.

Check it out.
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