July 2009


Hi fellas!

I just got back from Banting. A tiring weekend and some of us are half-dead. Gosh. I’ll write about it later.

What I wanna say today is..

“I’m sorry, my dear.”
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Life isn’t easy. Yes, now I believe it.

The feel to admire something/someone is a part of human nature. As for me, I also have the same feeling towards some people based on certain aspects. And those aspects are based on my own justifications and worldview. Well,  guess different people got different thought.

I mean it.
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There are various types of ways on how we (students) manage our clothes and for me, I prefer to use laundry service. The laundry shop is located near to the main gate so I have no problem to go there by walking.

But the problem is I don’t have a laundry bag for my clothes. I currently using plastic bag to bring my clothes to the laundry shop. Gosh. I need a cool laundry bag!
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It’s already night. Gosh.

Time flies too fast. Sometimes you can’t noticed you already passed a week. Well, maybe that’s what we call – life.

I guess I wanna write about fight.

Yeah. The awesome fight!
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Yosh. Time to update.

I’m currently packing my belongings because tomorrow I’ll be in KL. I’ll get my new room on this 12th (Sunday) and start my 2nd year in IIUM on 13th.

Oh yeah. What I wanna say is – “Say Hi to Lilly!”
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