April 2009


It’s a fact that we need money in our life. We need money to survive. We need money if we want to marry. And that’s why human today searching money for life.

But sometimes human prefer money than dignity, as far as we can see.
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Have you ever learn something about parenting?

I came across a Parenting Magazine on the Internet. A good blog for you to know the real advice based on true experience of the real parents.

Introducing WTF Parenting Magazine – Real Advice from Real Parents.
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The waiting period has ended. The results are been published and it’s time to look back and seek the deeds and evil that mixed up in our lives.

Sincerely, I’m not a winner. Maybe I’m one of the in front, but I’m just a guy above the line.
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Credit to TechBanyan for this image.

I’m sure most of us know what is PageRank. No need for an introductory paragraph, I guess. There’s many ways to increase your PageRank so I had tried some. And I think it’s better to share.

Check it out.
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Sometimes I cannot sleep until 4-5 am so I do blogwalking until I feel sleepy. There’s a lot of cool blogs nowadays so I found this hobby is very interesting and enjoyable.

I found a nice blog so I want to introduce it to you. Maybe you’re looking for a place with interesting and hot topics, so I guess this is a good place for you. Introducing Fa’s Blog – “learn more share more”
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