March 2009


Time flies too fast and without a single blink, I found that the final stage is around the corner.

It’s the most suitable time to realize the mistakes, I guess. But brilliant people will still able to take the opportunity to fix themselves. I’m holding my point – do the best for myself.

Yeah. Do the best for myself – not to be the best among the others.

And I’m knocking the door.
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Are you searching for names?

Everybody knows what is a name. And what’s important with a ‘name’.

Newborn baby? You will looking for name. Buying a new pet? A name for it. And it’s a normal thing nowadays when people give names to a car or bike.

Sometimes people give names to their microwave and blender 🙄 Well, a weird thing at the first glance 😈 ..but there are reasons why people give names to something.. as the things might having lives like someone.

Lets straight to the point.

Do you know that there is a place where you can find a collection of names?
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Do you have kids or little brother/sister at home?

Do they refuse to take their meals sometimes?

Well, I’m sure it’s quite a tough time when they refuse to eat 🙄

But don’t worry because personalized plate might help you.

Personalized plate? What’s that? 😈

Ok. Lets check it out 😛
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I was doing my works last night when suddenly.. I felt sleepy 😡

I try to hold my strength to continue stay up. And do some twittering to grab the spirit of staying up. Well, I got negative feedbacks. uhuhu.

*tweet* *tweet*

“Can someone tell me how to put out this sleepy feeling?”

Thanks to topo, anarm and Hadramie for telling me to go to sleep 😥

I disagree and tried as hard as I could to stay up and in the end.. I realized that I couldn’t push myself anymore. I went to sleep, and woke up this morning – feeling a bit energetic.

I asked myself once a time – “Do we human really need to sleep?”
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Credit to for this awesome image 🙂

Everyone has their own dreams, so am I. In sleep, sometimes you got a wonderful dream, sometimes you got the bad one. i mean vice versa. ouch.

In fact, dreams always oppose the reality – although you might a dream that’s closer to the real one.

You don’t have to sleep to get a dream. You can make it while you’re awake and explore it with your mind.

Gosh. Am I rambling? 😈
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