February 2009

I’d consulted my schematic plan with the supervisor but didn’t get the approval yet. i’ve to redesign the residential area to suit it with the concept i proposed.

some of my studio-mates got approval for the first time and some got approval after 2-3 times they consult with our supervisor. some people frustated when their schematic plan didn’t get the approval.

For me, i believe this is a learning process. It’s called trial and error.

Every human face trial and error in their life, no matter who they are.

Trial and error is not just about study. It’s about life.
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I’m currently in the middle of the various works and assignments that have to be settled, one of them will be preseneted tomorrow. In addition to this, i (again) got headache. Everything’s spinning. uh. And i couldn’t answer the quiz correctly because of the pain 🙁

But I have to continue and keep working, by hook or by crook. it’s now or never.
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I was checking my inbox when I noticed an email from ‘Maybank’ entitled ‘Security Verification’.

Security verification? uhuh. weird.

so I opened the mail.

lets see what is it.
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yeah. I’m currently at my home. got here on Saturday with my 2 aunties (one of them had engaged! haha) and i’ll go back to iium on sunday. just wanna have a short weekend at home, although there’s a lot of works to do.

video project, conceptual design, and bla, bla, bla.. uh.

so what brings me to be at home? oh yeah, i’m new to something.. so i need ur opinions :thumbsup:

well, check this out 😛
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