January 2009

I’m kinda sure you had seen a lot of posts about making money, especially making money online all over the Internet. but it’s ok, i’m neither doing tutorial or selling e-books, just to share what i know and i learned with all of you.

Some of my friends still keep laughing on me when I said that I can get income through the Internet. They said it’s ridiculous. Can i call them primitive guys? uh-huh. Well, it’s better than using Internet just for e-mail, Friendster or Facebook. You can get more than that.

I was inspired by some bloggers when I saw affiliate banners and links on their site and I that was the starting point for me.

Lets see what I had found and currently doing in making money online :thumbsup:
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I found an interesting video in Youtube entitled – Americans are NOT stupid.

please watch until the end of the video.

now. lets judge it.
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I just arrived at home this morning and I feel so glad to be in this room again. I mean, my room 😛

I feel safe here in my room, laughing with my parents and enjoying the panoramic natural scene in front of my house. at least i can breath alive and feel free from the damn hard-feelings.

yeah, aloneinhome 😉

and i’m still suffering the tired feeling and backache.

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Click the picture to visit my photo album 😛

Date :19th January 2009
Venue : KAED Gallery, KAED, IIUM
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I’m trying to cheer up myself so I decide to write a review.

As you can see from my popular posts, the most popular post is a review about Aeropama.com. it’s because of Aeropama’s popularity.. maybe.

Ok. this time, it’s double 😛

I love blogging as well as visiting others’ blog – it gives me a lot of new knowledge as well as variety opinions and stories.

This is a review about life4hire and callister, maybe some of you familiar with them but for those who are not, i think you should read about them here.

Check it out 😉
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