December 2008

YOUTH'09 - Malaysia's Largest Youth Lifestyle Festival

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The first time i saw it – “What is this?”
What is this YouthSays?
And i saw youthsays logo on few blogs. Then I joined it.
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Sometimes we got bad nightmare. And some people get traumatic by their own dreams.

Some people afraid of the dark. Some people afraid of their parents. Some people afraid of riding bicycle. Some people afraid of mice. Some people afraid of cats. Some people afraid of the cockroach. Some poeple afraid of eating rice. Some people afraid of their illusions and some people afraid of themselves :suspicious: (I never meet this type of people). Some people afraid of the escalator as well the elevator. And well, some people was so afraid of being fat.

I myself feel very afraid of the failure to get something, no matter whatever it is – a mobile phone, a printer, a camera, or even a girl :blushing: So that’s why I choose to put my hardest effort for everything that I do. Because a simple failure could make me regret for the entire of my life :banghead:
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Time flies too fast.

And sometimes I had been left too far away.

And i feel that there are a lot of things that I’d missed :banghead:

gosh. a lot of things. especially since i don’t have time for blogging.

gratefully, i’m back to this.

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Assalamualaikum & hi everybody! 😛

It’s great to be back on this blog again.

Well.. it’s such a long time, since I was preparing for final papers, went home for holiday and yeah.. i can’t afford to use dial-up connection and now.. it’s streamyx in my home. yeah! :keh:

Thanks for friends for your concern about me, especially kak ixor@. I always here, just doing some stuffs back in my home.

ni yang terasa nak belanja kak ixor@ makan ni.

well.. what I’m gonna write?

yeah. the things that had happened 😎
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