October 2008

Hi everybody! 😛

I got an online friend named Rebheka. She run a website (http://www.crminfoline.com) and she had write a review about her site.

This is the first time I know about Customer Relationship Management (CRM). What it’s for? It’s a new thing for me. Maybe it’s something important that we have to know. Check it out.

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now and again, i’m back to update this blog. uhuh :thumbsup:

Sorry for being too long. Thanks for friends and commenters for leaving your comments. i appreciate u all! :notworthy:

now it’s time for blogging again.
it’s a week since i posted the last entry.. if i’m not mistaken.

and this time.. it’s about planning study again :tongue:
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omg. it’s quite a long time.

it’s quite hard to take some time as the preparation of layout plan made my head stuck. maybe it’s easy for some people but for me, i have to put my great effort in order to make something done.

and yes, i managed to finish it.

the time i submit the layout plan to the supervisor, i talked to myself “yeha.. time to relax!! :keh: ”

but i was wrong.
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