September 2008

The fact is – this kad raya is made by myself 😎

Maybe it looks weird.. huhu.. but that’s what i know to do (using Macromedia Flash cause I forgot to install Photoshop. sheesh)
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I’m back 😛

It’s a long wait since this blog can’t be accessed due to the problem faced by the hosting provider. and i keep waiting until I send the report and.. yeay! is back.
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I feel that I keep updating more frequently. hahah. am I? 🙄

one thing that i found from blogging is – I met many friends from many place and being exposed to a variety of thoughts and knowledge.

and the second thing is although i always use Manglish (Malay + English).. i found that i feel more confident to use English in my daily talk and expressing opinions.

actually, there’re some tags but i’ll answer them later 😉

well.. i have a chit chat with Syam 1-2 days before.. (i forgot when)

do i feel inspired too much? 🙄

it’s not just a chat through YM

it’s a sharing moment with Aeropama 😉
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again, i was been tagged. uhu.

this time, it’s the old-school tag by zaza

school days is full of memories, i admit it although there’s some bad things that happened at those time and sometimes make me regret or feeling lost until this sec.

anyway, this tag is interesting.

so i answer it.

haha. old-school days 😛
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today is such a nice day. nice weather.

i feel alive although there’s some works not been settled yet.

plus studying the notes and refrences for the tests and quizzes.

yeah, it’s life.

ok.. just wanna share about Delicrazee (my buddy) and the grateful tagged by AdrySabry.

yesterday is one of the best weekends that i ever have.

because i went out from the campus and took a breath outside.

haha 😛

“don’t rambling, bro”

er.. ok.. we gotta straight to the point 🙄
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