July 2008

It’s a grateful thing to live and breathe in this temporarily world.

Smile, cry, pain, oppressed, depressed and bla, bla, bla become the color of this life.

I’m happy to let my fingers dancing on the keyboard again, after the terrible pain and feeling had pissed me off. A lot of things had happened. A LOT.

Sometimes we never ever realize that our life is full of challenges and obstructions.

So am I.

I’m avoiding myself from using the term ‘bad luck’ or ‘curse’ in my head, because I believe that all things happen with reasons and sometimes we had to think it back before we fell in our sleeps to get their meanings.

And i’m wanna talk about this one.

The tests.
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uh. finally. it’s time to make some updates.

busy days, study life, ton of assignments and bla, bla, bla – uh. so exhausting.

and it’s really really impossible for me to be a daily blogger. isk3 :isk:

anyway, it’s life.

oh yeah.. hm.. what i gonna write aa..? :question:

ok. let’s share what had happened.

here we go πŸ˜‰
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just got back from the group discussion.

uh. i’m so tired :tired:

tomorrow is the Ta’aruf Day for 1st year student of Urban & Regional Planning. so i have to sleep early. uh.

but i gonna write something before i’m going to bed so i can have a great mood to sleep 😎

yeah, study-life in campus is really interesting. i see a lot of people from variable places. i met many people with different attitudes, including my studio-mates.

some people really have talent in doing task, individually.

well, how about working in group? :think:
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yay! at last. AloneinHome.com had been upgraded to WordPress 2.6!! :party:

Alhamdulillah πŸ˜‰

I still new in using WordPress and started AloneinHome.com with WordPress 2.5.1

Suddenly, the latest version – WordPress 2.6 had been released.

“oh no. what should i do??” :confused:
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anwar-shabery debate
I watched the debate between Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Datuk Seri Shabery Cheek last night. People crowded at the cafe and it was the big crowd i ever seen (at the cafe)

The debate entitled “Hari ini membentuk kerajaan, esok turun harga minyak” (β€œToday we form the Government, tomorrow the fuel prices will go down) is a big chance for me to watch the rarely seen live debate on tv, since i had watched a lot of debate contest between students and last night, it was a ‘real’ debate.

The debate is so interesting and i love to watch both debaters backing their points with facts and sometimes, humour.

So what? :mean:

it was a lesson πŸ™‚
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