10 Reasons Why I Love Blogging



Blogging is awesome!

Ok, I’m not in love in something without reasons. So here is the list of 10 reasons why I love blogging.

Check it out =)

1. I love reading as well as writing.

2. Blogging is a good way for me to express my feeling and thoughts.

3. Experience is more valuable when you share it with the others. For me, sharing experience is meaningful when you share it within the posts.

4. Blogging improves my grammar. I can feel it. Although it’s not so obvious, I feel my grammar improves from time to time. Practice makes perfect, that’s how it works.

5. Blogging improves my communication skills. Now I don’t feel hesitate to communicate with people around the world. You need this skill if you want to leave great comments on others’ blogs.

6. I met new friends through blogging around the world. Cool and awesome friends, of course =D

7. Sometimes I blogging for money. Yeah, it’s works. One of my favorite email in my inbox is “You’ve got payment” (^_^)

8. I got new knowledge everyday through blogging and blogwalking. Besides, trial and error in modifying the blog always give me something new.

9. We can help other people through blogging. Promoting buddies’ products or launch a donation campaign for the poor is some examples that a blogger could do.

10. Blogging is one for way for me to know myself. Now I realized writing and sharing thoughts could reveal our personality and way of thinking.

As a reflection of my passion for blogging, I had launched a new website, BloggerDaily. BloggerDaily is a blog exclusive for blogging news, tips, guide, discussion and etc. Take a look and I’ll appreciate if you could leave your comment in English =)

I had listed my 10 reasons why I love blogging. How about you guys? =)

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